Are Garden Hedge Trimmers and Cutters Same?


Both a garden hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter have only one primary function: to cut or trim overgrown hedges in gardens or fields to make them more appealing to the eye. When you hedge your garden, you do not only protect it from the weather, but you also make it look beautiful.

People sometimes use shears, which look like big scissors, to keep their hedges in check. However, using this tool can be so time-consuming.

On the other hand, one can effectively cut hedges within a relatively short time using a hedge cutter or hedge trimmer. Therefore, hedge trimmers are cutters that are more productive, and gardeners prefer to go for them instead of shears.

That said, people often wonder what the difference between these two tools is. Are hedge trimmers and hedge cutters the same tool? Do they do precisely the same things? If you’re also wondering about these, join us and let’s find out.

Kinds of Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutter

Garden hedge cutters and hedge trimmers, or shrub trimmers and bush trimmers as they are sometimes called, come in different types. In this section, we will be discussing these different types.

1. Corded or Electric

corded hedge trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers and cutters are usually portable and easy to carry. They come with cords and derive their power from electricity.

This trimmer type proves more effective for home use or for cutting small gardens. Unlike shears which take a lot of time to use, electric trimmers are fast and can penetrate both light and thick hedges easily.

2. Cordless or Battery Powered

Gtech HT30 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers and cutters also come in a cordless form. Batteries usually power cordless machines. This also means that you have to charge the batteries anytime they run low.

All batteries do not have the same capacity. Some can last for up to 2 hours on a single charge. This type of trimmer is excellent for those who prefer not to have a cord hanging about while they’re trimming.

3. Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

The Petrol powered hedge trimmers are the heaviest and most significant of all the types. They are also the most powerful because they can cut through thicker branches which the other versions may not be able to handle.

All that this kind of machine requires to function is petrol. However, they make plenty of noise and emit toxic fumes.

Hedge Trimmers Vs Hedge Cutters

As it stands, a Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutter are the same. They both have the same use, which is to cut hedges. There is no substantial difference between these two and manufacturers coined the two terms so that they can make their products appear diversified.

Even so, some people still argue that there are slight differences between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter like their use case, effectiveness, and the likes. Here is a breakdown of these differences.

Hedge Trimmer

hedge trimmer

It would seem that Hedge trimmers are strictly for trimming, just like the name implies. This creates a little disparity between a trimmer and a cutter as trimming is quite different from cutting.

As such, one can use a hedge trimmer to do light tasks like cutting small bushes and trimming thin branches. They are used for jobs that do not require a lot of power. Plus, they can even cut edges and similar light jobs.

Hedge Cutter

How To Shape Hedges

On the other hand, hedge cutters are used for cutting. This suggests that they can handle heavyweight tasks better. They can trim bushes that have grown high and cut through thicker branches with a great deal of ease.

They are durable and can thus be used in large areas.


All in all, there’s no remarkable difference between the hedge trimmer and the hedge cutter. If your aim is to keep your yard or garden in good shape, then both can do the job correctly.

Usually, the hedge trimmer has a more modern feel and look. But the cutters are also effective. Both of these are much better than shears which eat up a lot of precious time.

We are sure you’ll find a variety of hedge trimmers and cutters in the market. If you’re on a budget, it’s better to look for corded or cordless trimmers since these are less expensive.